COLOR: Harvest Sun.
NOSE: Creamy butterscotch with a hint of toffee apple, candied orange, vanilla custard, and newly felled oak.
PALATE: Deliciously honeyed, wood spices and citrus, balanced with raisins and caramel.
FINISH: Oak lingers, warm, sweet, and drying.

Macallan Double Cask 12 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a dividend, expertly crafted expression that captivates whisky lovers worldwide for its exceptional quality.

The Macallan 12 Double Cask

It is a renowned Scotch whisky crafted through a meticulous aging process using two oak casks, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavors and a luxurious drinking experience.

Tasting Notes

The wine has a rich amber hue and a lovely fragrance of dried fruits, caramel, and vanilla. Its palate offers a smooth surface with sweet toffee, apple, and cinnamon flavors, balanced by subtle oakiness. The finish is satisfying, leaving lingering warmth and notes of dried fruits and spices.


It is a meticulously crafted whisky aged in American oak ex-bourbon and European oak ex-sherry casks, resulting in a beautifully balanced expression with distinct flavors and characteristics.

The Macallan Distillery

Macallan Distillery, a revered name in the whisky industry, has a rich history dating back to 1824. Located in Scotland’s picturesque Speyside region, they use the finest ingredients, copper stills, and time-honoured techniques to create exceptional whiskies.


Whisky comes in a refined and versatile choice for whisky connoisseurs. Its smooth character makes it perfect for drinking alone or with water and pairs well with decadent desserts like dark chocolate or caramel-based treats. It also pairs beautifully with aged cheddar or Gouda cheeses.


The Macallan

Discover the Exceptional World of The Macallan Scotch Whisky Drink Liquor Society explores The Macallan, a Scotch whisky brand with a rich heritage, showcasing its exceptional craftsmanship, quality, and unique flavour profiles. The article discusses its price range and remarkable collection.[expander_maker id="1" more="Read more" less="Read less"] The Macallan Scotch Whisky Macallan, a prestigious Scotch whisky brand, is known for its uncompromising quality and traditional methods. Crafted in Speyside, Scotland, we offer various expressions, including the classic Fine Oak collection and rare releases like The Macallan Sherry Oak and Double Cask. Macallan whiskies have a rich, full-bodied flavour profile with notes of dried fruits, spices, and indulgent sweetness. Macallan Whiskey Price Range Macallan offers Scotch whiskies for various preferences and budgets, with prices based on age, rarity, and production methods. The acceptable Oak range offers accessible options, while limited-edition releases provide extraordinary experiences. Macallan Collection The Macallan Collection showcases the brand's dedication to perfection, featuring exceptional releases influenced by cask types, age statements, and innovative collaborations. It includes iconic expressions like 12-Year-Old, 18-Year-Old, and The Macallan Rare Cask and limited-edition releases for exclusivity and collectability.[/expander_maker]


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