A limited edition bottle created for the global travel market. The ‘Concept’ was created to honour the world’s innovators and visionaries involved in the whisky creation process, whether it be distillation, art or services. Innovative and new techniques have been used to create this stunning single malt which is represented on the bottle artwork.

This single malt is bold and full of flavour, spending half its maturation process in ex-sherry oak casks before being moved to ex-bourbon casks for the remainder. Imagination and explorations are the key thoughts kept in mind from the production of this bottle.

The nose has an array of sweet profiles. Butterscotch pudding, soft caramel, vanilla and toffee create a very enticing aroma. Notes of spice start to make a welcomed appearance, ginger, clove, white pepper and cinnamon. A small herby note finishes of the profile, green bananas, raisins and earth. The palate is again sweet but with some added spice. Vanilla and caramel make another appearance, but the real sweet profile comes from some zesty oranges, lemon and ripe bananas. Some oak spices mix well with ginger and cinnamon to tickle the tongue. A real treat to drink indeed! The finish is long with notes of spicy oak, ginger and citrus fruits.

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The Macallan


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