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Lillet Rose is produced with white Grand Cru Bordeaux grape varietals blended with liqueurs before it is matured in the oak casks. Prepared in the sophisticated tradition, this pretty pink drink offers the elegance of France with a taste profile that will excite all your senses. Apart from the rose, this graceful label offers the fresh aroma of oranges, berries, grapefruit, and blossom. So, whenever you bring the glass of wine close to your nose, you will feel the fresh flavor palate that is fruity, light, and perfectly balanced. The citrus tones will make things a little acidic in the first few sips, which is what you are looking for during the cocktail hour before dinner. This low-profile, refreshing wine has everything you want to enjoy on a sunny summer afternoon. You can mix it with champagne to gain the celebrated touch and enjoy the drink perfectly. When it becomes difficult for you to decide between red and white wine, you can try rose wine, as it will fit your bill with its light flavors and refreshing finish.

Color: Brilliant rosé
Nose: Light aromas of berries, orange blossom, and grapefruit
Mouth: Fresh, lively, and fruity. Balanced structure. Slightly acidic.
Finish: Long aromas.




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