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Crown Royal has introduced ready to drink cocktail flavor. It comprises flavors of tartness and sweetness, combining the taste of Crown Royal Whiskey with lemonade. According to the manufacturing company, in the crown Royal Lemonade Whisky, they continuously tried to blend new flavor profiles to meet the evolving tastes of new-age drinkers. This modern ready-to-drink cocktail drink is the latest innovation that fuses a familiar summertime staple with whisky. With three flavors in the portfolio, this whisky lemonade offers what is described as the light taste of fruit with whisky note, as its effervescent sweet-tart taste blends with plenty of whisky character. Thus, it is a good match for summer and spring barbecues and parties.

Crown Royal Whisky Lemonade Limited Time Offer
Smooth whisky with lemonade for a refreshingly light tasting and easy drinking cocktail that’s perfect for Spring and Summer.
Alcohol Volume: 7%


Crown Royal


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