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When the Coppola family decided to construct a winery resort in Sonoma County, they felt that their head winemaker was responsible enough to accomplish their vision; therefore, they made Corey Beck, a native of Sonoma County, with an aspiration that he would make the wine that comprised all the features of its original place. With time, Director’s cut has become an endeavor with a limited production of specific wines sourced from Sonoma’s distinctive and diverse microclimates. It is named after the name of the movie that truly reflects the vision of the Director. The Director’s cut wine flaunts the vision of wine marker of varietal wines which express true appellation character. Apart from that, every bottle of Director’s cut pays tribute to the filmmaker’s history through its wrapped-around label designed after the ZoeTrope stripe. It is one of the fastest-moving picture devices.

Enticing aromas of plum, gingerbread, vanilla bean, and seasoned wood. A rich Sonoma County Merlot with succulent flavors of cherry, cassis, and cocoa.



Francis Coppola


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