Tasting Notes:
Color: Deepest Gold.
Aroma: Rich and weighty with heady and smoky aromatics. At full strength, the initial aroma is
A beguiling mix of warm Christmas cake, walnut oil and parma violets fused with fresh ocean spice,
Cedar and pine needles falling from the Christmas tree. A smoldering coal fire and the scent of well-oiled leather brings warmth.
The sweetness of treacle toffees and chocolate coated raisins emerge through the smoke.
With water, the deep smokiness increases in intensity, reminiscent of a fired Christmas pudding.
Rich flowering currants and warm baked banana and walnut bread are served with simmering mocha espresso.
Taste: Full flavored and rich with a deep mouth-coating texture, the taste is
An intriguing balance between sweet, spicy and deep smoky flavors. The flavor is initially sweet.
A burst of winter spices sets off a smoky-spicy explosion countered by
A sumptuous mid-palate of honey glazed smoked food and chewy treacle.
Waves of deep smoky tones and rich aromas build up on the palate like a fine Montecristo cigar.
Finish: Amazingly long and chewy with lingering raisiny, deep mocha tones and rich aromatic smoke into the perfectly integrated finish.

Producer: Ardbeg
Geography: Islay, Scotland
Proof: 108.4 (ABV 54.2%)




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